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About Us

Welcome to Mandatory Travel!

Hi we are Chavindie, Milzer, Cayden, Niki and Bear!!! Welcome to our lives!

I lived the better part of my childhood in Oman and returned to Sri Lanka in the year of 2005. Milzer has been in SL for all his life and Cayden just turned up in the year of 2020. Both of us are employed in the FINTech sector and prior to that Bankers from the start.

We caught the travel bug when we decided to take our missed honeymoon in the year of 2014, although we got married in 2011. We took a trip to Singapore and Malaysia for a total of 10 days and we have been travelling every year since – with the exception of 2017.

We are both avid football fanatics – although we support completely different football teams 🙂

Travelling has been a way of getting away from the jam packed lives we lead and a chance for us to turn off completely from that mindset. I have always been a fan of Europe, the food, architecture and simply the cobble stone streets.

Our last trip gave us one of the best surprises ever, that is where we found out we were pregnant with Cayden.

Covid definitely has put a wrench in our travel plans, but we hope to resume once everything once some form of normalcy returns to our lives.

Hope you find something of value reading through my posts.



Photo Credits: Michelle Ferreira