Hi everyone I am back 🙂

When I wrote about visiting the Alps I knew I had to speak about the importance of proper attire.

Well, I live on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka where half the year it rains and the other half it is hot and humid. We literally have no reason to purchase or invest in any sort of winter wear unless it’s for travel. So when we decided on the Alpine visit we did a lot of research and I knew from my previous travels my ability to bear the cold so I packed accordingly.

So here are my tips for packing a simple winter alpine wardrobe – this is not for skiing only for pedestrians 🙂

  1. Thermal, thermal and more thermal. I cannot stress enough how important this is. The difference between you enjoying all that snow is thermal underwear. In Sri Lanka this is literally the leotards you used to wear for dance classes, it does the trick equally well to thermal underwears. You can also buy them at House of Fashion or order them online – ebay , Asos or any other site that delivers them here. You need to wear this under your jeans or pants, it is very important to keep your legs warm. 
  2. I swear by Zara turtlenecks for winter visits. It worked so well on my first visit that I took all of them on the second visit as well. They are strong, sturdy, warm and you will not need to layer, I can guarantee you that. A good solid, fitted woolen turtleneck with a down jacket is more than enough for you to brave the cold and hail in the mountains.
  3. Jeans or ski pants? This is a personal choice that you are going to have to make. We went with Jeans as we did not have any intention to ski. Either way, I think the better choice is the ski pant or a waterproof pair of pants as jeans are going to get wet around the snow and then you are going to feel like someone is stabbing with a million knives. But if you are going to be careful the jeans worked for us fine 🙂 Even in that choice please wear skinny or cigarette jeans to avoid the snow getting in through the hem.
  4. Scarves – better to take on along, wrap them around your neck, face or anywhere it needs a bit of warmth than what your clothes provide you. A cashmere scarf is a great option for those who do not like wool.
  5. Socks – always go with cashmere socks as they are comfy and warm. Your feet need to be covered well and should not let the cold air seep in. You can order them on ebay
  6.  Shoes – another important element in this dress up game! Go for snow boots, the one with the fluffy covering inside, they provide an extra layer of warmth for your feet. Ensure the sole is sturdy and can withstand water and cold. You can go with sneakers, but would not recommend it for longer periods on snow. 
  7. Accessories – Gloves, definitely mandatory, suggest going with ski gloves as the rest cannot handle water. Ski cap or a mask depending on if you are planning to roll around in that snow so that you can keep your hair from turning in to icicles. 

That pretty much sums up what my advice, I have given a few images and links to where you can buy some of these items. If you want to buy from Sri Lanka, I would suggest House of Fashion. 

Until next time!


Images sourced from: ASOS and Zara

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