As I mentioned in my previous post “Five hours in Verona – What can you do?” our main purpose of visiting Verona was to see the famous Juliet’s house or as the Italian’s call it “Casa di Giulietta”. Located in Via Cappello, 23 this is one of the most visited attractions in Verona. With all the hype, is it actually worth the visit?


The significance factor – Juliet’s house


It’s Juliet’s house!!! Need I say more? For those Shakespearian lovers out there this is supposed to be where Juliet lived, hence the name Juliet’s house. Even though we all know its fiction most of us dreamed of being in the place to replace the fiction with a sense of reality. For those deciding to visit that reason alone justifies the travel to Verona.


Cost Factor


Well if you want to see the inside of the house it will cost you 6 Euros if not its completely free. We did not have time to go inside so we battled the throng of teenagers and other tourists just like us to soak in the beauty. The courtyard itself has plenty to see. So it’s really a matter of what you came to see.


What can you do at Juliet’s house?


Once you battle your way in past the signed walls, into the courtyard this is what you will notice:


  • A bronze statue of Juliet, legend has it if you rub the left breast it brings you luck or makes you lucky in love. We are more on the shy side of things so we did not participate in this particular legend. Though we chickened out, there were plenty of people trying it out.

Juliet's statue

  • The love locks. Another striking sight at the courtyard is the array of locks in various shapes and sizes on a wall. I feel its fitting to pay homage to this attraction considering the history of the location. There is a shop right next door where you can buy locks to make your mark here.

Love Lovck

  • The “gum” walls. One of the most intriguing and disappointing items at Juliet’s house. These were pieces of gum with initials or messages stuck on to the walls of the courtyard. I get the idea to leave a mark on one of the most romantic places on earth but it kind of destroys the monument. Although right now it looks quite artistic, but please refrain from touching them :-p

  • The famous balcony. Romeo serenading Juliet whilst she looked down from the balcony. A thought and a hundred version we have had as teenagers. The balcony was attached later and was not part of the original building. Nevertheless, this is what we went there to see.

Juliet's Balcony

Since we did not go inside I am unable to comment on the interior of the house. From what we saw, felt and experienced, Juliet’s house is a must visit form the romantic souls out there. Even if you are not romantic its a beautiful piece of Venetian architecture.

I hope I have provided those wondering and battling with the question of a visit here. Do take a trip to Juliet’s house when you are in Verona. It is always wonderful to be part of something so beautiful and historical even in a fictional sense.

Until next time…




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