Best Cafes Colombo! There are so many options that pop into my mind but my favourite is Butter Boutique. So on this lazy Sunday I decided to tag along with Dilruni Ganepola, to visit the newest branch at Park Street Mews.

This space is a lot more open, large and with two floors has plenty of space to accommodate a large party on both the top and bottom floors.

The Cakes…

As it is newly opened not all the varieties were available but the staples were displayed; Double Chocolate Fudge, Nutella, Carrot Cake, Tres Leches, Dark Chocolate and caramel and so forth. To deviate from last time and try something new, we picked two chocolate options.

Black Forest – Rs. 550/- : seemed to be a popular choice as there was only one slice left and Dilruni decided to go with it for today. It looked the standard Black Forest, the slice was as big as ever, good balance of taste with a cherry inside. It was smooth, soft and fluffy and cut through like butter. As usual this was not a slice that she could finish.

Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel – Rs. 550/- (I think) : My pick for the day, I was curious to try this for some time so went for it today. When my fork sliced into this cake I did not expect to get such a combination of salt to chocolate. The first bite gives you a strong hit of caramel, salt and chocolate. The cake was soft, smooth, it had a lovely middle tier of salted caramel. The best part about is the balance, it amazes me how this is achieved with two such strong flavour profiles. The slice was way thinner than what I received last time. This portion was easy to finish in one go.

The Drinks

Cafe Latte – (Price I think around 700) was Dilruni’s choice of beverage. Her comments were that it was good as any latte could be. There were a few options to enhance the flavour profile but she did not go for any of them.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate – I was a bit skeptical ordering this as I expected it to be sweet. I can with extreme confidence say that it was not but neither was it bitter. The hit of peppermint came on very strongly and the flavour accompanied the salted caramel perfectly. The presentation definitely did not hurt and I commend the staff for putting in the effort to make the experience completely authentic.

The Verdict

The decor fits that of the parent branch. The main difference is the size and the sense of peace at this location. Maybe it was the time that I visited but I loved the ambiance and the surrounding. Of course being at Park Street Mews doesn’t hurt its chances either. The only downside is the limited collection which I believe they will pick up soon. I don’t know about anyone else but for Dilruni and I this place is the perfect solution to relax on a Sunday evening and beat the oncoming Monday blues. I can with definite certainity say that Butter Boutique is indeed worth of being in the list of best cafes Colombo!

So when you are in the area drop in, have a slice just buy a whole lot and take them home for the week.

Until next time,


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