On a lazy Monday afternoon, “lonely boy” discovered something new, something odd, something he couldn’t believe!






Who is that fella inside the window? who? who? who?

Maybe if I stare at it he will go away! What is it doing here? Will it eat my food ?

Ok, let me stare at it some more!!! I can do this!

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH…… I can’t do this, he is after me… Lemme out! Mommmmmmmm….

This is “Luca Winston”, Son of the late “Doghson” (May he rest in peace) and Gigi. He thinks he is being followed by the dog in he mirror, he is 8 months old, extremely naughty and will do anything to get out of the house. He has a curious streak these day and is looking for girl friends but his mom has grounded him!

I know a great deal of puppies and dogs of different breeds and temperaments. I have been wanting to write about them for a while but as any dog lover would know it is extremely hard to get them to pose. So Kudos to Dilruni (Luca’s lovely owner) for getting these impromptu pics.

Hope this made you laugh for even a minute or two on this crazy Monday afternoon!

Until next time…


PC: Dilruni Ganepola

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